Introducing the Uncaged Nights

Launching Tiger Beers latest promotion.

Our brief was to launch Tiger Beer’s latest campaign and premium beer across the many different Asian markets - with an impossible to miss creative initiative.

Using the Tiger Beer platform, we developed the campaign ‘Uncaged Heroes’, designed to inspire others through creativity. Uncaged is a reminder of the tremendous potential that lies within the young Asian generation.

The campaign of 'Uncaged Heroes' featured an eclectic group of dancers, musicians, painters and technology lovers all pursuing their passions despite facing obstacles. We encouraged the audience to take part in this initiative by demonstrating their own potential in the hopes of winning a $100,000 music contract.

Arc created the campaign rollout and activations in many of Tigers markets including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Mongolia, Thailand and Cambodia. The work appeared in stores, bars and beer gardens across the many different regions.

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