Flavour you can see

Shapes launches around footy season.

The Footy Finals occasion is the salty snacking battle ground representing the second largest calendar period for Shapes. To be noticed as distinctly Shapes, but also chosen is critical for the brand during this period.

Arc were asked to take the memorable existing Shapes assets to the next level. Therefore, we challenged ourselves to curate a modern re-interpretation of their famous tagline ‘Flavour You Can See’ and make it unmissably, unmistakeably & undeniably Shapes.

Shapes Flavour Battles was a memorable way to leverage the existing brand assets from the 90’s, but in a distinctively modern way that also leveraged the occasion. Arc conceptualised and built a detailed creative and design direction for ‘Flavour You Can See’ using images of the actual Shapes flavour creating two AFL players tackling for the ball, deliciously created in CGI from tomatoes and basil.

These two Shapes flavour players not only perfectly highlighted the footy finals occasion but they also became the perfect means to execute the campaign across an omni-channel ecosystem and activation plan.

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