Launching Arnott's Chocolates

There is no substitute.

The chocolate aisle is a constant flow of new products, mostly new flavours of the same old Cadbury with very few truly different.

New for the sake of new can be exhausting. However, when the new is a reinvention of something familiar, change isn’t necessarily tired or daunting for shoppers. With over 50-years already making delicious chocolate for their chocolate biscuit family, Arc was tasked to launch Arnott’s Chocolate, not only a new product but a brand new category. A big challenge in itself as Arnott’s are currently loved for their biscuits.

The challenge was two-fold. Arc needed to open shoppers repertoire within chocolate blocks & bars to include Arnott’s over competitors such as Cadbury’s and we also needed to open current Arnott’s biscuits consumers to add chocolate to their snacking repertoire.

How do we Arnify chocolate? By injecting appetite appeal of course! Showcasing biscuit meets chocolate creative heroing the decadent ingredients, led to a major success with both trial and repeat.

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